About Our Business
Mazen Group specializes in helping business owners to achieve their dreams.
While there are many dangers facing businesses as they strive to grow their
business in today’s challenging market, our extensive third-party research has
exposed the main dangers that are affecting most businesses today.

Our team provides our clients with solutions specifically designed to address these
dangers, improve marketability and drive immediate results.

Mazen Group is a comprised of seasoned executives with considerable sales,
marketing and management experience.  Located in the Middle East and North
America.  The firm has become a leader in the sales and marketing of
manufacturing, service, distribution, and high-tech sectors.  We spend
considerable time listening to our clients in order to formulate a detailed
understanding of their goals. Our professional backgrounds coupled with our
senior management experience in the corporate arena; mandate that we do the
utmost in every possible situation.

Mr. Hassan, President  & CEO of Mazen Group is committed to the profession of
business development, sales, marketing and facilitation of global operations.  He
is passionate in his commitment to the education of all participants in the
profession while simultaneously serving his clientele in a conscientious and ethical
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